All events are postponed until state regulations change due to COVID-19. 

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and impact our local communities, businesses and everyday lives, we want to take this opportunity to update you on  what we are doing to protect our clients and employees. We have closed the Studio.



To weather these adverse conditions, we are taking the following steps:

1. Working from home

We have implemented an optional work from home policy for certain teams. All  these employees have laptops and access to Phase databases, systems and contact information and will have no disruption or hinderance in servicing our clients.


2. Redundancy

We have always had enormous redundancy in both our studio and Print shop. Our Studio Operations are conducted out of our Dwight st. studio. Our Print Operations are conducted out of our Dwight St print shop where we use all our  equipment.


3. Restricted Access & Curbside Pickup

We have significantly restricted outside access to our printing facilities to protect our employees. For those clients that prefer to pick up their Merchandise  in person, we have instituted a curbside pick-up.


4. Fully stocked

We have a full supply of raw materials in stock, at our print facility and have not experienced any supply chain disruptions from our global suppliers except for face mask.



SEPT 20th "Baby JAM" Baby shower (Private event)

OCT. 17  Floral installation by Wax and Wayne Company (Private event)    

NOV 8TH Art Gallery opening Justin Beatty exhibit  with Rueology / DJ TREnds / Genuine Culture  LLC

DEC 1-22 "Holiday pop  shop" Featuring "Cosa Rara" Vintage clothing by Gisel

Feb 5th  closing Justin Beatty art  exhibit/ featuring  ( nAtive  Drum Group) / PcCC D.I.Y printing

FEb 8th   PR fundraiser ( Agitarte )

FEB 20th  Creative catalyst TDI  (Private event)

March 22  Community activism   CancelLED due to covid-19

April 18  Extravaganja  4;20 Celebration   Cancelled due to covid-19

May 2nd   Colonialism  why  Cinco De Mayo   (community event)  Cancelled due to covid-19

May 22  Baby Shower  ( Private event )   Cancelled due to covid-19

June 19th  Juneteenth  Celebration  (Black 4th of July)   Community event) Cancelled due to covid-19

July 4th  Celebration  Cancelled due to covid-19

All events and fundraisers will be Cancelled until further notice due to covid-19

358 Dwight St.

Holyoke, MA 01040

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