Unique, one of a kind vintage tie dye with a special story. 

Over six years of operating as a social entperprise making handwoven prodcuts from old clothing as a way to reduce textile waste, ArteSana collected thousands of tee shirts from community members far and wide. They cut the tee shirts into long strips, to make cotton strips which they wove from, but set aside the tees that were too cool to cut. Vintage, nostalgic and comical -  these tees were waiting for a different destiny. Following the Fall 2020 ArteSana partnership with Paper City Clothing Company, their time has come: Paper City Clothing Co team member Alexis Diaz, fueled by his experimental fashion instincts and with plenty of help from team members Fernando Goffe and Frankie Payamps, was inspired to create a series of tie dyed masterpieces. These are the first in the series, and the first of many new projects that emphasize sustainability which the partnership with ArteSana brings into the Paper City Clothing Company model. Enjoy. 

No Whining Vintage Tye Dye


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