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Carlos Peña

Business founder and owner Carlos Peña has been a graphic designer and master screen printer for over 15 years. A proud alumni of  UMass Amherst, EforAll Holyoke and Milton Hershey, Carlos is originally from the Dominican Republic, grew up in New York City and now calls Holyoke home. He loves working with youth and outside of running Paper City Clothing Company he is the Director of the Design & Entrepreneurship program at Lighthouse Holyoke.

Katy Moonan

has played a behind the scenes role in PCCC operations since day one, and loves using her entrepreneurship background to design a business model that centers youth opportunities. A proud graduate of Smith and UMass Isenberg, she grew up in Mexico but now calls Holyoke home.

Alexis Diaz

is an emerging fashion designer born and raised in Holyoke. A graduate of Lighthouse Holyoke, he works with Paper City Clothing supporting youth programming and overall shop operations.  

Fernando Goffe

knows clothes, from management in the retail industry to launching his own clothing brand Forever Growing inc with Carlos when they were both students at Umass. Also known for his dancehall and reggae music as Dezey Coyotee, Fernando supports production and the new storefront initiative at PCCC. 

Angel Soto

 is our latest acquisition, he is a young man from Puerto Rico who due to Hurricane Maria decided to move to Hoyloke. Talented in all things tech, he helps us to keep our web and digital presence up to date and tackle PCCC projects that involve technology.

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