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Live DIY Screenprinting events this summer

At Paper City Clothing Co we're always on a mission to put art in the hands of the people. Catch us this summer at some of our favorite local events!

Recent experiences include the Odenong Powwow on May 27th in Amherst MA and the NEPM Asparagus Festival on June 3 in Hadley MA.

More about Live DIY Screenprinting

Paper City Clothing Co first brought live screenprinting to our area in 2015 during the Springfield Jazz and Roots Festival, and has offered the experience countless times ever since then. Holding a squeegee in your own hands and imprinting an exact image onto fabric is satisfying and inspiring, and can spark a light bulb moment that motivates individuals to consider arts or entrepreneurship as part of their future.

Capacity permitting, Paper City Clothing Co is committed to providing the DIY screenprinting experience and materials completely free for community events where one or more conditions are met:

  • Free to attend

  • Take place in communities in or near Holyoke MA

  • Aligned with our mission to expand creative and economic opportunities for youth, BIPOC, and low income folks

We offer the experience at reasonable rates for all other events. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us at your upcoming event!

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