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Learn, Print, Sell: New Tees by Youth

Five youth launch their own original tees through ArteSana Youth Studio Summer 2022 program

Lakyesha Heredia photographs Jedediah Arocho modeling her original tee in the alley of our shop.

"Something I care about is my community and the people within it. This design is about where I come from in Holyoke and wanting to give a shout out and elevate our representation within the whole community. Making it I learned not only the process that goes into making shirts but also many ways to go about starting a business." ~Jayden Moquin, 16

"I made this because it's something I connect to and it's important to me and my family, who I care a lot about. My favorite part of making this is being able to make my own design and show off my Taino roots." ~Kaisha Serrano, 16

"This design is about a quote by Anuel AA combined with the Holyoke seal. I made this because I love Spanish music and the quote inspires me. I put it with the Holyoke seal because Holyoke is also a very important place to me. My favorite part of making this is being able to create my own idea and sell it." ~Elisamuel Ramirez, 15

"Something I care about, besides my family and one friend, is how Roe vs Wade was overturned. This design is about expressing what I think and spreading more support for choice especially in the Puerto Rican community by connecting the PR flag to the message." ~Lakeysha Heredia, 14

"This tee shirt is for anyone who loves Holyoke and/or Puerto Rico, and how there is a special connection between the two places. I was inspired by the new mural on High Street (by artist Dom Rimx located at 147 High St) to envision all kinds of ways the street could look and created a hand-drawn version with the island of PR. I later found out that right across the street from this mural is a building that will become the new location of Paper City Clothing Company after renovations so I added the number of that building into it: 144."


ArteSana Youth Studio Entrepreneurship and Design Program Summer 2022

Thanks to partners for this program the MassDevelopment TDI Creative Catalyst Grant Program and MassHire Holyoke YouthWorks, in addition to staffing the storefront and gallery and helping with our shop operations, five youth who worked with us this summer completed an Entrepreneurship and Design program together. The images you see above show each original design and label the youth came up with and now get to sell inside our store - to keep their own profits!

Here are some behind the scenes views of the work we did to learn the key principles of entrepreneurship: customer discovery, product-market fit, and using a business model canvas - stay tuned for more soon about the process in the youth's own words!

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