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Salsa Night: Youth Arts Fundraiser

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Friday April 8, 2022, 7:30-10:30pm

Updated post: We had a wonderful time on Friday April 8, 2022, and raised a total of $1,404 in ticket and bar sales - after expenses it came to just under $1,000 towards funding for youth arts opportunities in Holyoke! Huge thank you to everyone who took part! Besides fundraising for our own youth programs for this event we embraced the opportunity to partner with another organization we admire for making a lasting impact for youth through the arts: Star Dancers' Unity. Scroll down for more info about them and about how the funds raised will be used. Big thank you to our event sponsor Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts (MIFA) for their generous support to make this night possible. Tickets are $25 or two for $40 and include an adult beverage, latin dance presentation by young dancers from Star Dancers' Unity, and a lesson from master salsa dancer Alexcelin Saldaña that is perfect for beginners and for experienced dancers who want to brush up on basics.

There will also be a cash bar and refreshments for sale - all proceeds to benefit youth arts in Holyoke! Get your tickets now, and please help us spread the word!

Art has a unique power to heal, grow and move us forward as individuals and communities. At Paper City Clothing Company we know this to be especially so for young people, and we're passionate about extending our business capabilities - graphic arts and screen printing workshops paired with entrepreneurship education - to youth in our community. For this very special fundraising event we're excited to be partnering with another organization in Holyoke that we admire for doing such a magnificent job reaching young people through the arts: Star Dancers' Unity. Founded and directed by Alexcelin Saldaña, the studio is dedicated to making dance accessible and harnessing it as a way for young people in Holyoke to find inspiration, focus, and opportunities. How will the funds be used? Paper City Clothing Company: Funds will support our ArteSana Youth Studio initiative, particularly the free creative workshops (design and screen printing) for youth in Holyoke during Spring and Summer 2021. Star Dancers' Unity: Funds will support youth and their families in covering the cost of participating in dance classes at the studio as well as regional dance competitions. The competitions are an exciting annual opportunity that motivates the dancers at the studio as a way to showcase their hard work during the year, earn recognition and connect with other talented young people around the region, but the entrance fees represent significant cost barrier for many to be able to participate. Note: Paper City Clothing Company and Star Dancers' Unity are not 501C3 nonprofit organizations and funds donated are not tax deductible.

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